I’m going to be straight with you, there is no medal for sacrificing yourself on the altar of work or hustle. I’ve learned that if I don’t practice self care consistently as a woman and a mom, I am very likely to explode or implode or whatever ‘plode’ the situation requires and it just ends up affecting everyone around me. Which is why I’ve put in time in building my own simple ideas for self care.

I’ve also learnt that self care doesn’t always have to involve expensive spa retreats or shopping sprees because the stress that comes from my bank account afterwards will take me right back to where i was before the bloody spa retreat in the first place. So since I cannot afford for spa retreats and sprees to be be the only ideas for self care, I have come up with simple things that please and relax me that won’t raise my blood pressure when I see the bill.

10 ideas for self care

Call me genius now

1. Sing at the top of your voice – I would suggest to use the bathroom when you do this especially if like me, that’s the only place your voice comes out anything close to alright. Sing even if you don’t know all the lyrics. Sing the silliest songs that have been playing in your head all week, and if you have the moves to go with it, move too!

Imagine Julia Roberts in pretty woman

2. Take a solo walk – one of the ideas of self care that I totally love is taking a walk alone. There’s just something head clearing about it. You don’t have to think of conversation, you don’t have to worry about what anyone else wants or needs from you, you just need to pick a direction and move.

3. Say NO – yup! Here’s an idea for self care that does nor require you to do anything. just say no. No to that extra commitment that you don’t need. No to yourself when she wants something that you know is not good for you. No to the friends and family who refuse to pay for your products and services. No. I feel soothed even chanting it in my head as I type this. You will feel much better afterwards.

Saying No is a form of self care!

best ideas for self care

4. Allow yourself sleep in – If I were to make a list of ideas for self care five years ago, sleep would definitely not have been on the list. It is my cross to bear that I took it for granted when I had the opportunity of sleep any time I wanted. Now, my toddler is up at 5am and he cannot stand to see me sleep when he’s awake so my groggy eyes open to the chant of ‘Mommys skeeking’ and i’m like ‘well not anymore’. That’s why when i need to pamper myself, I act like it is absolutely impossible to open my eyes and I cannot possibly hear all that noise from all the way under the duvet. It works most times.

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My absolute fave idea for self care

5. Treat yourself to a meal at a new restaurant – If you are like me and meals you didn’t have to cook yourself are the absolutely most delicious meals on the planet, then this is a great form of self care. Admittedly, if you’re trying any form of financial responsibility, the this cannot be too often, but when you can, enjoy it for the self care that it is.

6. Try out a new recipe – If you are not like me and the kitchen is your fave place to be, then here’s something for you. Find and try out a new recipe. It doesn’t even have to be something you’ve heard of before. Try something foreign or exotic. Just doing what you love because you love it is a form of self care.

This one is absolutely essential

7. Take a break from the internet – The internet is a wonderful place, but it can get a bit much. In truth, hanging around the internet all the time is like being at a party or the market all day everyday. You need a break. so take it! Turn off your phone or mobile data and enjoy the peace that comes with not having all those voices in your head. It’s one of my best ideas for self care.

8. Have a pamper session – A pamper session for me is scented candles, skincare routine, and bath products that scent like bubble gum. Instead of the usual bath, take time to just enjoy the solitude of the bathroom and all the beautiful scents involved. wine is very much allowed in this space. Music too.

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10 simple ideas for self care

9. Remove yourself from toxic situations – Toxic situations are the greatest stress causers in the history of stress and I said what I said. Even if you don’t know it, encounters with toxic people leave you utterly drained and exhausted. Sometimes these toxic people are your family and it’s not exactly easy to walk away from family so what you can do is take small breaks from that energy until you can find a way to take longer breaks. Your mental space will thank you for it.

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10. Grow a plant – Earlier this year I started growing plants and while I cannot say i have the ultimate green thumb now, I can tell you it’s therapeutic.

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There you have it, my list of simple ideas for self care. I’d love to know what’s on your list. I could do with more ideas!

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  1. Self-care is highly important because the tank we pour from needs to always be refilled.i started this month with a list of tips for self-care written on a sheet I placed in my room so I can see whenever I wake up and in my workspace so I remind myself every time such as : Deliberately Pour love into myself,exploring myself,paying attention to the words I say,being assertive, doing what is beautiful to me amongst a few .

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