Is it true? Are these signs that we are grown ups now? I mean, are we old? Are we making budgets now? And accepting the word ‘No’? Are we the ones the kids are looking up to for answers now? Are we having a collective anxiety attack right now?

Oh God we’re grownups!!!

I literally took a break from writing this post to inhale and exhale slowly because my childhood flashed before my eyes. But as loathe as I am to admit it, I may be a grownup. So what would you say being a grownup consists of? Graduating college? Getting a job? What are the signs that you are a grown up?

11 signs that you’re a grownup

Here are 11 signs that you’re a grownup

1. You take responsibility for your actions – When things go wrong, Your first reaction may be to find someone to blame, someone that is not yourself, but on second thought, you think, ‘but it was my fault.’ and you try to fix it. That, love, is what a grown up does. You’ve gotten the first sign that you are a grown up.

2. You pay bills – I am super excited to announce to you today that Somewhere between light and cable, water and internet bills, you grew up. Yayy! No? Oh, okay. Well be that as it may, If you have paid for two of these bills from your pocket and you have felt the pang that comes with it, then you are now a grown up.


3. You call loved ones just to check on them – With growing up comes the knowledge that putting a smile on someone’s face and showing your family and friends that you care is worthwhile. How to know you’re a grown up? You called your dad just to see how he’s doing. Welldone!

4. You plan for the future – For a child, the future is a vague, uninteresting place whose only image is that she will be able to do whatever she wants. For you, this is that future and you want to make moves to ensure that in ten years, you are an authority in your field or you have a certain amount in savings.

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How to know you’re a grownup

Hellooo grownup!

5. You accept your place – You know you’re a grown up when instead of looking for an adultier adult to fix the kid’s problem, you figure out a way to get that adulting done. Look at you…being a grown up and all!

6. You show up – A lot of times, people don’t need too much from you. They just want you do showup. Children expect people to show up for them but don’t feel the need to show up in return and that is okay. But if you want to be a grownup, you show up. You keep your promises and you show up for the people who matter to you. That is how to be a grownup. Don’t know how to show up? Read this!

7. You speak up – Being a grown up means standing up for yourself. It is understanding that most people will hardly set boundaries with you until you set the boundaries for them. ‘You can’t talk to me like that!’ ‘You can’t touch me like that.’ ‘You can’t treat me like that’. Once you set boundaries for people, you can check them when they overstep.

You go grown up!

8. You forgive the people in your life – Now this is not saying you should forget No 7 and let people walk over you. It is saying that a grownups understand that people are human and they make mistakes and forgiveness is really letting yourself stop hurting. Any Grown ups around?

9. You invest in yourself – If you have ever put in time, energy or money into a resource that will help you advance yourself or your career, then you, sis, are a grownup. That you bought a course instead of new shoes or a wig is a huge indicator that you have grown up! Don’t let me get started on the makeup products you will have to sacrifice.

You are a grown up

10. You make a budget and stick to it – For me, that is the ultimate test of grown up-ness. It is always a struggle but it is a sign that you understand the need to discipline yourself when it comes to money. Grown up coming through!

Hello, I am the designated grown up here.

10. You accept that life is what you make of it – Being a grown up means seeing life as it really is, not through candy coloured glasses. You know life can be harsh and tasking, but you also know that the things that warm you up inside are precious and you know to hold on to them tightly. You let go of things that do not serve you yet you try to deny yourself a want to help another person satisfy a need.

11. You take yourself to the hospital – Horrifying? I know!!! And in fact not only do you do that, you take all your drugs on time too. Not only that sis, if you have a family, you’re taking care of them at the same time. Don’t worry, we’ve all tried to hand in our grown up card too. They refused to accept our resignation.

Sorry, you cannot resign!

It’s not easy to wake up one day and have to navigate life on your own. That is a sign that you are a grown up. Where’s mom? You need an aspirin. Where is dad? Your tyre is flat. But the good news is that it can be done, it has been done, and it will be done beautifully by you. Whenever you feel the panic of being a grown up, remember to breathe. Grown ups figure shit out. That’s their super power.


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  1. I never knew how to do number 7 but now I don’t take shit. Alongside number 8. Thanks sis.

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