First of all, let me put it out there that if i had to put just five things in my purse, we’re going to have a problem. lol. I consider things like a snack and a camera absolute essential even though you and I both know they’re not soo..i’ll try to behave myself. Besides, I need the discipline! So here are 5 must haves for your purse.

5 must haves for your bag
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After trying to write this post for days and coming up with things like extra hoop earrings, I realised I needed intervention. Two hours and severe anxiety at having to drop some things later, i have here an authentic list of 5 MUST HAVES FOR YOUR SMALL PURSE! Yasss!

Essentials for your bag
5 essentials for your bag

5 must haves for your purse!

  1. MONEY – While personally i would prefer cash, you can pick an atm or a credit card but whatever method you choose, you have to make sure you have some form of money to bail you out in any event. For instance, Your date stands you up? money. You hit someone’s car? money. You’re craving ice-cream? you got it – money. Money is an absolute essential. No jokes. You don’t want to head back on foot from a date who wanted to force his tongue down your throat because you couldn’t afford cabfare.

Absolutely essential for your purse darling!

2. LIP BALM – There are a few things worse than peeling ashy lips and you can quote me on that. What if you have to take an impromptu picture? What if you get kissed? Gravel everywhere! What if you just shouldn’t look like your lips don’t matter to you? Okay deep breaths, deep breaths. A lip balm is an essential sis. Or a gloss, whatever you need to keep your lips moisturised. We want those lips looking like candy babes. I personally love the Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm, Cherry Me, 0.15 oz. because it leaves my lips feeling like gold.

A bunch of stuff I basically can’t live without

3. SCENT : I don’t know what it is you use. Oil, Spray, parfum, Whatever. Any of these would come in handy in the middle of a hot day or if you have to keep a long day without time to change. You don’t want to be smelling like a two day old fish fry. Trust me. A dab here, a spray there could change everything. Remember, your scent will be remembered long after you leave the room. Besides, you’ve read this piece on scents so you know what to do.

5 things a lady image
what a lady needs in her bag

“Where should i apply perfume?” A young lady asked. “Where you want to be kissed”

coco chanel

4. TISSUE/WIPES – When you go, you clean. That is Fanny rule number  one. But Tissues and wipes can be used for other things as well. Dusty seat? wipe. Stain on your skirt? wipe. Touch something dirty? wipe. There’s a certain elegance to reaching into your purse and whipping out a tissue that just screams self sufficient elegance. I want that. More importantly, I certainly don’t want to be the person asking for favors unless i absolutely have to.

And then there’s this!

5. NOTEPAD – This should come with a pen. There are some things that just need to be jotted down. You cannot take the risk of forgetting and if you’ll be honest there are things you’ve procrastinated writing down that never got to be written down. Therefore, ensuring you have a notepad handy fixes that. 


There you have it gang, the essentials, the mighty five, the must haves. Next time you’re rushing out the door, you already know what to make sure is in your bag. More importantly, you will not be taken unawares when you have to rush out. Now go be a boss!

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  1. Yessssss!! This is it!!! This is me everyday. I feel uneasy whenever I don’t have any of these 5 in my bag, especially the tissue and lip balm.

  2. You are so right especially number 1, it will be so humiliating if your date ditches you.

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