Money is important. The people that don’t have it want it, and the people that have it don’t want to lose it and want more of it. But somehow at the same time, we’re supposed to live like we don’t really care about it. Don’t let me get started on the irony. Money Lessons, like any other adulting experience tend to be taught with hard knocks.

It is with the serious punches my financial life have dealt me and it’s supporting bruises that I’m writing this piece. I’m not playing, I’m black and blue fam!

So anyway because this adulting thing is stressful and comes without a manual, I’m going to share with you the money lessons I’ve learnt so far and I’m going to be as honest as possible. You ready?

1. Your finances are your responsibility! – If this is not your reality, then honey this post is not for you, you are not for the purposes of this post, an adult. If you are spending, knowing that when you are empty an angel in the form of a trust fund, a daddy, or any other saviour that most adults don’t have, will come to your rescue, then you cannot possibly understand what is going on here. Im happy for you though!

If however, you are on your own, then you should know that whether you have money or not is solely your responsibility and if you want to change that broke situation, it is on you to search for ways out of it. Find more streams of income, show up, do whatever it takes to not be broke. Please let it be legal, I don’t do jail visits.

8 money lessons for new adults

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2. Second money lesson I have for you is Your wants are not your needs. I’m just going to say that again. Your wants are not needs. You don’t need that new bag, you want it. You don’t need to eat out for the third time in a week, you want to. You don’t need that new iphone, you want it. Are you with me? My bruises tell me to tell you that you know your wants are not needs, you are just waiting to be bruised into behaving yourself. They said I should tell you they go where they are called. I’m just the messenger.

3. Money lesson number three is being broke after you invest is not the same as being broke after you impress. You might want to read that again. When you take out that money you do not have, to show people who you cannot say ‘I cannot afford that’ to that you can afford it, sleepless nights and chest pain will be your portion for weeks afterwards but what do I know? It’s not like I went to stunt with a friend who came into town and bit my nails when said stunting was over. Learn from my bruises fam, learn from my bruises. Arese warned me here

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4. You can have money and still not have money. Think of that university student you know who blew his fees on the fast lane. We all know that story. You won’t say he didn’t have money since cash was flowing but did he really have money? When you set your priorities straight, you find that the money you have only covers a certain amount of your needs and wants (unless you’re an Otedola in which case, carry on.) Using said money on things outside those priorities will have you floundering for basics. Don’t be like that sis.

5. If you don’t look for it, money will not come. If I’m being honest, not all of my money lessons have come from bruises. I have acquired some wisdom from watching the people i relate with. One friend has a fabric business, but when she had she opportunity, she opened a bale of thrift designer clothes. For this coming Eid, she brought rams for sale. There will be two types of people this sallah – my friend who will flex like there is nothing better to do on this God’s green earth and the ladies that will be giving side eye and wondering what she has that they don’t have that all the sugar daddies are going her way. Moral of the story, be your own sugar daddy.

PS: The people you don’t want to see you hustling are the same people that will laugh behind your back when you go broke. pick your struggle.

6. The days of one stream of income are long gone. That is if they were ever here. One stream of income is like depending on PHCN if you have a business center or a salon in Nigeria, You are begging to fail. Bonus tip, there a full time hustles, part time hustles, seasonal hustles and long term hustles among others. Please look at my friend in the point above for pointers. Figure out your hustles ang go hard my friend, no one is coming to save you.

7. Your circle is important. I cannot stress this enough. If your circle is not inspiring you, or hooking you up, I don’t know what to say fam because you are in trouble. My first 50k week with my side hustle was from a friend’s hookup. Of course she didn’t dash me the money, I worked for it, but guess who caught the opportunity when I was not in the room? Let me point out that you cannot be the deadbeat friend who always has an excuse when business ideas come up and still be shouting ‘my circle is not showing up for me’. Who do you want to disgrace? You also cannot be keeping quiet where you see opportunities for said circle because there is a God who is alive.

money lessons for the millennial

8. If you cannot handle small money, you cannot handle big money. I’m grateful that all my bruises are coming when the money is small because imagine mishandling millions. Disaster. I’m honestly grateful that I’m learning these things now so that when my container arrives from the high seas, I will be ready to handle it with sense. See how money lessons work?

Truth is, apart from punches, there are other resources that have helped me learn these money lessons. You’ve heard me mention Arese, She’s she founder of Smart Money Africa and the author of the smart money woman books. Her podcasts and books have helped me rearrange my financial direction and I think they will help you too. Here’s a link to the podcasts

So anyway, I’d love to hear about your own money lessons. Teach me what you’ve learnt in the comment section. See you!

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