For the longest time, I didn’t know the difference between gone with the wind and a walk to remember. I hadn’t watched any so how was I to know that they were so different, they weren’t even set in the same century! Finally, after many occasions of giving blank stares when these great movies were being talked about or reading references to them in books and having to relate in context, I set out to find out who exactly Miss O’Hara was. 

I loved gone with the wind so much, I decided to educate myself on the classics. This is my list by the way so if I say pretty woman is a classic, then darling, it is.

Gone with the wind – Well obviously! Here we have a spoilt lovestruck leading lady, a leading man who knows how to push her buttons, several unrequited love situations and a woman building a business ruthlessly as never before seen in 1960’s America. Not to mention an ending that is unforgettable to say the least. Gone with the wind won twelve awards of thirteen nominations at the twelfth Academy awards and let me tell you, it totally earned it. 

Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in ‘Gone with the wind’

Pretty woman – Julia Roberts is cinderella in leather boots in this modern fairytale and boy did she strut in them. For the longest time, Richard Gere was prince charming in every story for me because there was no one else who did the amused but aloof like he did. Spoiler, Cinderella walked away from prince charming. Also you should know that for $100,000 you can have a pretty woman experience at the Beverly Wilshire. No kidding! But the real reason you want to watch pretty woman is the inexhaustive cultural references that are still relevant thirty years later.

Julia Roberts and RIchard Gere in ‘pretty woman’

The good, the bad, and the ugly – To be honest, growing up i was always exasperated at the excitement this movie elicited in the men in my family. My uncles would fall over themselves to say ‘Son of a thousand fathers’ and i couldn’t for the life of me understand why. When i eventually watched the movie, i finally did. Lets not mention that Clint Eastwood was as smoking hot as his shot gun! The good, the bad and the ugly is seen as the greatest western movie ever made. 

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The good, the bad, and the ugly poster

The Godfather – I thing its safe to say everything we know about the mafia, we learnt from the godfather. We learnt they value family from Don Corleone and 

Marlon Brando in ‘the godfather’

Goodfellas – Really anything with Robert De Niro is a yes for us but Robert and the Mafia, Come on! 

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster.

Henry Hill

Pride and Prejudice – Have you ever seen so much chemistry without contact? I’ll wait. Elizabeth bennet and Mr Darcy gave us a healthy dose of old school flirtation and we are so here for it. Kiera Knightly was perfect for the role obvs!!!! When isn’t she?

Keira Knightley in Pride and prejudice

All about Eve – This black and white goodness has everything we love in a movie. Ambition, success, tenacity, bitchy connivance and a character we love to hate. We sees Eve do things we hope we never do all while wishing we could have just a little bit of that…that thing she has that makes her irresistible to everyone!

All about Eve

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – If you need anything more than Audrey Hepborne to make you watch this classic, then the fact that it is the opening line of Arianna Grande’s 7 rings is sufficient incentive yes?

Breakfast at tiffany’s

Mean Girls – You don’t have to be a teenage girl to appreciate that mean girls is a classic and Lindsey Logan, Amanda Serfield, Racheal McAdams and Lacey Chabert gave us our first in-depth look at how mean teenage girls can be and how addictive the power resulting from that meanness can get. If you let it.

Lindsay Lohan in mean girls

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there you have it guys, my list of wonderful classics to watch now that there’s a little time on our hands. How many have you watched?

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