I’m a wine girl. But that really means the most I know about wine is that it can be red or white and it is made from grapes. That’s not a lot and to be honest when I finally get my boujee self into the rooms I plan to get into, I cannot go there not knowing the difference between champagne and white wine.

So like everything else in my life these days, I intentionally set about trying to learn as much as i could about my wines. I need to know more than just the fact that I like drinking it hence a clueless girl’s guide to wine! So anyway, This is what I’ve found out.

You can’t act like you know it if you don’t. You can’t fake it.

1. Wine grapes are not the same as the grapes we eat. Ours is called table grapes. The most planted type of wine grape is called Cabernet Sauvignon (“cab-err-nay saw-vin-yon”) Take a minute to pronounce that..I know i did!

a clueless girl’s guide to wine

2. There are generally five styles of wine.

Ready to be wined?

Red wine : These are made with black grapes and range from light to bold. Some of the important red wine grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Grenache and Pinot Noir. If there was a simpler way to deliver these names to you, I would have. This is literally the clueless girl’s guide to wine.

White wine : These are made from white grapes and occassionally black grapes. Some of the important white wine grape varieties are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio.

Rose wine : Rosé is a still wine from black grapes produced by removing the skins before they taint the wine deep red. It’s is also made by blending white and red wine together.

Sparkling wine : This wine first came about in France and is synonymous with the region of Champagne. Sparkling wines are the most technically challenging and time intensive wines made in the world.

Dessert wine : This wine is generally sweet. The winemaking style involves fortifying wine with spirits. Alcohol is added to a dessert wine so that it can retain more of its natural sugars, which are typically used up during the fermentation process.

Get an InDepth Tutorial here

clueless girl’s guide to wine

3. The different types of wine are drunk differently.

I mean common!!!!

Red : At room temperature or a touch below. You can put your reds in the fridge for a few minutes before opening as the wine tastes better.

White : For whites, it’s helpful to let them warm up in the glass as you drink. Do not over chill as it will affect the taste.

Rose : Chill the rosé wine between 30 minutes and three hours. Do not over chill as it will affect the taste and bouquet.

Champagne/Sparkling – Store it in a cool, dry place. 30 minutes before serving, you should put the Champagne or Sparkling wine into an ice bucket or in the fridge. If this is not done, the pressure will cause the cork to release very quickly. But isn’t that what makes popping champagne such a thing? A flute is a must for making sure the Champagne or Sparkling wine stays as bubbly as possible. Here’s how to open a bottle of bubbly. You’re welcome!


  • Use a wine key to remove the foil below the large lip of the bottle.
  • Use a napkin or a towel (folded lengthwise) and put it over the cage and the cork for preventing the cork to fly off.
  • Untwist the cage counterclockwise and keep the pressure on the cork to keep it from prematurely popping out.
  • Twist the bottle and not the cork.
  • Once the bottle starts to loosen from the cork and can spin freely, slowly pull the cork away from the bottle.

Finally, here’s a list of popular wines for the next time you’re looking to get wine for a party. It’s my favourite thing to take when someone invites me to a party. Now that i know the difference, I’ll certainly enjoy not taking a bottle of red every single time.

clueless girl’s guide to wine

Popular Whites

  • Chardonnay – Fruity, buttery, with a velvety feel that’s atypical to dry white wines.
  • Pinot Grigio (aka Pinot Gris) – Simple, light-bodied, dry and crisp.
  • Riesling – Usually very sweet, with intense fruit flavors. Much lighter than chardonnay.
  • Moscato – Fruity, and often sweet.
  • Sauvignon blanc – Dry, tart, and acidic, with herbal flavors as well as tropical fruit.

Popular Reds

  • Cabernet sauvignon – Full-bodied with herbal notes. Younger cab has rich flavors of currant.
  • Merlot – Fruity, spicy. Very soft, less tannic than Cabernet sauvignon.
  • Pinot noir – Delicate and fresh, very soft tannins with fruity aromas.
  • Zinfandel – Typically zesty, ranges from medium- to full-bodied and dry to off-dry.

If this post has inspired the boujee in you, welcome to the club. Say hi in the comments so I can add you to the facebook group. I’m joking!! But I do hope you got something from this and that next time you go to get a bottle, you won’t just pick based on how good the bottle looks.

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What type of wine do you think is more you? I want to be a white wine girl because the colour is so beautiful but i strongly suspect I’m more of a red wine chic. Let’s hear yours!

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