By me, I mean the blog that used to be known as ‘The millennial glow’. Did you notice that it’s now I still haven’t gotten used to it. But let me start this story from the beginning…how we got to a new me..

Owning my story

Girl loves to write. Girl decides to use a blog as an outlet. Girl doesn’t feel confident enough to put her name on a whole website, so girl finds another fabulous name to use. Problem is, girl set up the blog to sound like an expert female magazine when the whole point of girl starting a blog was to share her journey.

So anyway I started to have some hiccups when I found there were stories I wanted to tell, my stories, my struggles, my wins and losses, that I found hard to share because that wasn’t the tone I had set for ‘The Millennial Glow’. It was a situation. While I loved the look, sound and feel of the millennial glow, it was difficult to align the content with the reason why I started a blog in the first place. I was going to have to find a new me.

Lifestyle. Motherhood. Productivity.

While trying to make a decision, it occurred to me that I now felt confident enough to put my name on a website. Look at God! Now I have the experience to navigate and maintain a blog, the clarity to know what I want to achieve with this blog, and the confidence to share my stories regardless of who gets to read it. Its a whole package, a new me!

If you’re new here, stick around and check the blog out, there’s a whole journey ahead and you can start here! If you’ve been here before, look around and tell me what you think about the change in the comments.

See you next Monday.

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  1. Way to go!!! Though I kinda liked the look and feel of the Millennial glow even though I had visited just about twice?
    More wins girl!

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