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I’ll be the first to admit that there was a simpler time, a time when flawless makeup really meant white talc powder, black liner for your lips and eyes and clear gloss. Of course the ‘bad gang’ went a step further and used lipstick but we were not members. Our shiny lips and black liner did just fine.

The evolution of makeup trends is something i will write about another time but through the years, we have journeyed to this place where makeup could take anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours. I don’t know about you but if i’m going to spend that much time on makeup, it had better come out snatched!

Easy tips for flawless makeup


There is a certain brand of frustration that is peculiar to not getting your makeup right that if you have not experienced, you may never understand. Then your foundation looks cakey or your eye liner smudges and stains the eye shadow you had taken 15 minutes to blend just right. I feel the anxiety building just thinking about it. 

How can your makeup bring in the best results and make the time you spent on it worth it? Follow the tips I’m going to drop right away!

Gems coming through!

Foundation – Getting that flawless foundation blend is not exactly rocket science. What is missing for you is a base. If you slap foundation on without prepping your skin, the results will not be pleasant especially in heat. 

SOLUTION – a. soak your beauty blender before use

– b. use a moisturiser and a primer before you use your foundation.

2. Concealer – You are feeling professional and you use your concealer to highlight your face and you look just like your youtube favourite but after that concealer, you move. *a few moment later* your concealer is creasing i.e drawing lines under your eye.

SOLUTION – You need a setting powder hun. If you’re going to go the    concealer route, you will need to invest in a good setting powder to keep it in place. L’oreal does the most for me plus It’s super affordable too!

3. Setting powder – You’re upset because you spent so much on this setting     powder only to have it make you look like a ghost. Problem is, You bought banana powder when you needed a darker shade. Banana is not the only shade of setting powder.

SOLUTION – Find your shade before you go shopping or ask the store    attendant what shade would be right for you. you can use    this guide to setting powders.

Easy tips for flawless makeup

4. Eyeshadow – If you think eyeshadow application is an art, they you are right. It is beautiful when you get it right but it is a thin line between beauty queen and local champion so pay close attention. 

SOLUTION – a. invest in an eyeshadow primer. This will make your        eyeshadow pop and stay in place the whole day. This one from NYX is my fave!

  b. Start with a little product and add more as you go. Starting with a lot of product on your brush makes it difficult to blend. My go to eyeshadow pallette is Juvia’s place coral Palatte

5. Eyelashes – We love our eyelashes, but the process can get really messy what with liquid glue and all.

SOLUTION – You have to let the glue dry to a sticky paste before you attempt to put your lashes on. That way, they stick instantly and the glue does not get all over the place. I’d highly recommend this one or this if you’re going for the really good stuff!

6. Lipstick – Its all fun and games until you find out you’ve been walking around with lipstick that bled onto your chin. If its red lipstick, you probably look like dracula’s bride but look on the bright side, he loved her. 

SOLUTION – Use a liner. IF you want a monochrome look, then you can     use a liner is the same shade as your lipstick. A good liner will stop your lipstick from bleeding and make your makeup flawless!

Flawless makeup in one try

7. Eye Liners – You try and you try and you put in all you’ve got but your eyeliner keeps looking like Amy Winehouse on stage when you’re trying to get to the office. line the left eye, perfect. Line the right eye, hands shake. Try to fix the right eye, fat line. Try to adjust the left eye to match the right eye, bigger line. We’ve all been in that struggle sis. 

SOLUTION – use small strokes when applying your liner instead of one    long stroke. That way you can control the application. If  you are using a gel liner, warm the product on your hand before use. Right now, I can’t get enough of this one from L’oreal. Flawless makeup loadingggg!

Let me know what else you’d like me to write about and you can check my 5 places to travel to when the world is righted here!



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