Getting distracted is one of those things you don’t plan for and that is why it is important to know how to avoid distraction. For the most part, it just creeps up on you. It happens to me all the time and it is this frustration that has led me to make this post. I realized that my distractions were not something to be brushed under the carpet with the hope that they go away, they were real threats to my productivity that I had to do something about.

how to avoid distraction

So how do you deal with distraction?

I’m glad you asked!


I checked, and as with most things, my susceptibility to distraction had a pattern. I just find a way to convince myself or allow myself be convinced that this thing, this thing which was not part of the plan from the start, is absolutely necessary. Believe me when I say it is usually not. Because you have refused to acknowledge that this thing you’ve switched to is not what you should be doing at the moment, you are unable to treat it like the distraction it really is and you will be unable to avoid distraction. In the middle of balancing my books for the month, an Instagram notification pops up. Let me quickly check, it won’t take long. Before I know it, I’m scrolling, liking and commenting. But that’s not wrong is it? Engaging on Instagram especially when I’m trying to build my brand is extremely important. But right now, it is a distraction. If I don’t accept that, then I’ll pick my distraction over my plan and at the end of the day, my books are still not done.


Remember, it’s not that those tasks are not important, I’m saying they should be done at a different time. And it sounds easy right? Except, i actually want to get distracted. I am itching for something to take me away because strolling on instagram is a lot more fun than working on my books. Anything else is more fun than doing my books to be honest. So in between, I check my emails, I make a cup of tea, I check my trades, I check instagram for a quick peek except no one who has ever said that has ever not scrolled beyond where they started. That is why inner discipline is a must. No one can do it for you. That is the luxury children have that they do not know they have. Someone else has the responsibility of making sure you get things done so it is up to them to discipline but you see this thing called adulthood, you’re on your own. You have to find it in yourself to bring out the discipline required to stay on track. You have it within you too to avoid distraction.

effective ways to avoid distraction


A lot of times, the simple reason we get distracted is that we forget why we started. We take out eyes off the ball and before we know it, the ball is all the way across the field and we are at the goal post at the other end of the field. Keep your eyes on the ball. Keep your eyes on the goal. Why you started is the thread that you hold on regardless of whatever happens. That is how you avoid distraction.


One of the things that has distracted me lately, is the direction of this blog. I got so caught up trying to make it look super professional and while that is not bad in itself, it was not exactly the picture I had in mind from the start.

I wanted to help female millennials live their best life through sharing my experiences and researching things I have not experienced to make knowledge accessible to all of us. That why got lost in all the flurry of setting up and i got distracted. What helped me out was my stopping to re-evaluate and check my results. Are you getting the results you should be getting after this period of time? If the answer is no, then the next step is to figure out how to get those results. If i had not stopped to check, i may not have noticed that I was not posting up to half of the work I knew i could because I was not writing from my most productive place. Instead of just writing about the issues that made me want to start ablog in the first place, I was spending all my time looking for new topics to write on. A complete misuse of time that I am glad I caught early on.

5 simple tips to avoid distraction


Getting distracted is not a crime, not getting back on track after realising it is the real real issue. You can decide to shake your head at yourself repeatedly until your neck hurts but what you really need to be doing is figuring out how to get back. It coulds be as simple as throwing your phone away or something more complicated like redirecting the focus of a blog. Just take the steps you need to find your way back. It’s never too late and even if it feels like that, it’s not. Try it.

I feel like I should celebrate this, but how? Maybe a bottle of wine because thanks to this post, I now know my wines!

You can do this. You can close your eyes to the enticing distractions readily available to you in this world and get your boss chic vibe back! It’s all really up to you.

See you in the next one!

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