I’m staring at my computer screen and it is staring back at me. It’s time to take actual action and write a potential blog post but my brain has gone on a hiatus and my usual inner voice has gone silent with the witty commentary that had inspired me to even start a blog in the first place. 

I sigh.

I know what the problem is. It’s the problem that occurs with everything i want to do that i find myself inexplicably unable to do. When I make plans and somehow end up doing everything else, same problem. 

When I wake up with purpose and end up very busy doing nothing and ignoring the very real things I need to do, same problem.

When I go to make a post on instagram and end up spending two hours strolling through, telling myself it’s research, same problem.

So what’s the problem?

By now you’re wondering what this problem is, and maybe you even have a few guesses too. well you’re right if your guess was village people. Yes, my village people from time to time get tired of the rural area and decide to come for uninvited visits.

Village people?

You see, they are not bad people, but they come and see all these beautiful plans i make and all these dreams I have and they get jealous. Then they start to sabotage me. They show me beautiful pictures on instagram to distract me from the youtube video I have to make. 

They read my to do list and somehow convince me that rearranging my already arranged shoe rack is more satisfying and rewarding than replying those work emails. 

They see my fit fam goals, and immediately get my girls to invite me for free shawarma. Who says no to free shawarma? You see?

Okay so that’s a load of crap and clearly my problem is me but I don’t want to hear it. Just blame my village people in the comment section and we will get along just fine. 

Procrastination is the worst of my struggles. I’ll do it later has made me lose more than i even care to remember. No one is doing anything to me, I’m refusing to take responsibility and until i do, I’m going to keep not getting anything done.

One tip I finally found that dug me out of the nasty habit of procrastination is imagining the consequence of not doing that task. Today I was lazy to make my bed so I came up with at least five reasons why i didn’t need to. But then I thought of coming to lie on the bed later to find an unmade bed and decided I would very much like to come back later and lay on a nicely made bed.

Another thing that helps me is getting a mental picture of the positive outcome of doing the task like If i write this blog post today, then tomorrow I will have a fresh post up.

From the little things to the big things, you can beat procrastination one step at a time. Here are effective ways to beat procrastination.



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